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MISSION- To prepare competent need based human resource and responsible citizens in the field of Physical Education through dissemination of practical but scientific knowledge, development of skills and leadership qualities to create an environment that foster involvement and commitment of all stakeholders for continuous improvement in performance and quality of life for all.

VISION- "To become a benchmark Physical Education Institution where learning is a joy, education is for tomorrow, R & D is pace setting and everyone is committed to deliver competent human resource for development and well being of educational institutions, profession and society."


  • To prepare and nurture sport-persons, physical education teachers and administrators.
  • To promote academic excellence and also contribute to the full and well-balanced development of the human being.
  • To provide broad based experience in the field of physical education and sport sciences to serve as a foundation.
  • To foster research and scholarly activities.
  • To preserve, sustain and popularize traditional physical activities and blend these with western concepts of physical education.
  • To provide academic, technical and professional leadership to other Institutions in the field of physical education and allied sciences.
  • To strive for equity to divers and gender differences.
  • To protect the ethical and moral values of physical education and sports against any abuse.    
  • Character Building
  • Service to humanity
  • Awareness of Global issues   
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Personality development


  • To promote health and fitness of the masses
  • To promote excellence in education at all levels.
  • To identify, nurture and develop talents of budding sports persons without gender discrimination.
  • To promote research in physical education and sports sciences.
  • To co-operate with the Govt. and other organizations in their efforts to raise the standard of sports and fitness of the youths of our country.
  • To popularize the traditional Indian physical education system and sports.
  • To prepare and produce physical education teachers with commitment to the profession and make them capable of meeting the challenges of the new area.
  • To inculcate a sense of National Responsibility through its efforts to develop physical education a base for the betterment of the future generation.
  • To stimulate interest and awareness among the children about physical education, health, sports and Nutrition through its extension programmes.
  • To encourage teachers to publish conducive literature on physical education profession.
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